Proposed Gas Storage Facility, Warmingham and Middlewich
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Gas Storage Facility, Warmingham and Middlewich

Client: AXIS PED Ltd/ EDF Energy

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) of an extension to an existing gas processing facility and ancillary development, and the conversion of ten brine cavities to store natural gas on an 83 hectare site near Warmingham, Cheshire. As part of the EcIA process detailed surveys were undertaken for bats, Water Voles, Otters and Great Crested Newts. An Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey and protected species habitat assessment was completed of the entire scheme. Further to this project receiving planning permission, pre-construction surveys were completed, including for bats, Water Vole and Badger, and Great Crested Newt surveys of twenty-six ponds to provide information for Natural England Great Crested Newt ‘development’ licence applications. Three such licenses successfully applied for to date, with associated trapping programmes completed in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Ongoing involvement with licenses; project due for completion in 2016. A related/ precursor to this project was completed in 2007 for Axis PED Ltd on behalf of British Salt Ltd (now Tata Chemicals). As well as consideration of the gas processing plant, this project included a 3.5 km pipeline corridor. Detailed surveys required as part of this Ecological Impact Assessment included for bats, Water Voles and Otters, as well as survey of forty-one ponds for Great Crested Newts. Natural England ‘development’ licenses for Great Crested Newt and Badger were successfully applied for and implemented.

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