Marches Ecology - Ecological Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Botanical habitat survey and assessment, Protected species surveys, Licensing and mitigation

Marches Ecology was formed in May 2006 by Max Ellson and Tom Knight.  We are based in northeast Wales and provide independent ecological consultancy services to the private and public sectors.  The company benefits from the ecological skills, broad knowledge and extensive consultancy experience of both partners.  Marches Ecology also retains a number of associate ecologists who are able to provide specialist expertise and facilities in key areas.

Our ethos is to provide robust and impartial ecological data and advice, combined with a flexible cost-effective structure.  Development of proactive working relationships with clients enables a highly responsive, practical and solutions-orientated approach to all commissions.  We believe that an in-depth understanding of client requirements is central to realisation of both company and project aims.  Efficient project planning and management combined with an innovative approach where necessary is the cornerstone of successful product delivery to the highest standard. 

Our areas of expertise include:

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA).
Environmental Impact Assessment (Ecology).
Ecological Appraisal/ Initial site assessments.
• Botanical/ habitat survey and assessment (Phase I and Extended Phase I Habitat Survey, Hedgerow Survey, River Corridor Survey, National Vegetation Classification - NVC).
Protected species surveys (e.g. Great Crested Newt, Water Vole, Badger, Dormouse, Otter, bats, reptiles and birds).
• Biodiversity assessments.
Licensing and mitigation for protected species (e.g. licence applications and implementation).
• Conservation Management Plans.
• BREEAM/ Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments.


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